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The Marketing Prowess of Kevin C. Gleaton is Impressive

October 22, 2020

Kevin Gleaton

Over the course of his 18-year career in the digital marketing business, Kevin C. Gleaton has virtually done it all. He's managed marketing budgets of all sizes, up to more than $25 million, and he's done the job well for clients of all sizes and shapes. Even these days, Kevin is working on projects for a variety of clients. His current jobs run the gamut, from handling website SEO for a small client to functioning as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a mid-sized business with a $10M annual marketing budget. As noted, his experience means he can handle it all.

Throughout the length of his 18-year career as a marketer, Kevin C. Gleaton has gained experience in almost every area of marketing, including marketing automation, lead generation, marketing architecture and strategy, new media development, campaign execution, and social media strategy. He continues to wrk hard to learn everything there is to know, by working closely with his clients and with his attitude, which makes him infinitely curious. He knows he doesn’t know everything, but he strives to make every working day a learning experience. For example, he is faced with the overarching daily revelation is that digital marketing is not about technology, but rather, it's about the immersion of technology into everyday living.

The overwhelming belief that Kevin Gleaton has come to over the years is that the key to marketing success has to do with giving his clients the results they want and the access to audiences they need, and to do so in a completely different way. His diverse range of roles with a wide range of clients has granted him a perspective that he defines as "unique." He is used to being in charge and his clients appreciate his ability to take real, tangible steps to make their businesses more sound and more profitable.